1. Technology is not magic. Silicon and Electricity come from somewhere - deep beneath the earth, inside our cliffs, sucked from our seas.

  2. Profit thrives on hiding things.

  3. Convenience rules the 21st century.

  4. We are bound up in a set of constant races. To modernise, forever. To be seen and be heard. To generate income and/or "value".

  5. Convenience x Speed = Complexity.

  6. Novelty is killing us.

  1. To engage with our own soul is counter-productive, a fresh form of rebellion. The race to compete ensures that any efforts to do so are only ever temporary.

  2. The novelty of constant change and adaptation throws us off our guard. We can never truly know if we have enough.

  3. We cannot learn from our grandparents' past if we're only ever looking ahead.

  4. We cannot appreciate our grandchildren's future if we're only concerned with our own immediate present.

  5. We cannot see the people around us if we're only concerned with our own failure.

  6. Somewhere hidden away behind all the invisible things, there is a thread that unites our own bodies with the memories and souls of all other generations.

  1. Technology is powerful, but not as powerful as words, ideas, and instinct.

  2. Lack of change is purely a lack of imagination.

  3. Change is scary. Some people welcome it more than others.

  4. New technology only ever embodies change. But change can aways be targeted at different effects.

  5. "Knowing others is intelligent. Knowing yourself is enlightenment. ... Knowing what is enough is wealth."

  6. A mirror is still a tool.

  1. Stay pure. Consider your needs. Avoid excess.

  2. Be brave enough to do less.

  3. "Simplify, then add lightness."

  4. Never take what you have for granted. Never get used to what you have. Always see with fresh eyes.

  5. Take care to reduce irritations.

  6. Good tools allow you to breathe.