Free Hardware Available

These are some things I've got and probably don't need, and will happily post for free inside the UK. If you're outside of the UK, get in touch to chat.

Also let me know if you have a similar page - it would be brilliant to have a network of giveaway pages.

Other hardware giveaways - see individual pages for preferred recipients:

TomTom XL SatNav

Functional. Factory reset. With car lighter adaptor cable but takes standard USB cable for power and comms. Doesn't seem to have an SD card slot. Wondered if OpenTom might run on it.

TomTom XL SatNav and cable

USB Battery Charger

Will charge 2 AA/AAA batteries via standard USB plug.

USB powered battery charger

Gameboy Light Master

Light-up magnifying attachment for original Nintendo Gameboy. Tested. Takes 2 AA batteries.

Light Master gameboy accessory

Cables and adaptors

2m CAT5e cable

2 meters, red

Red network cable, coiled up