Open Life

General Principles

I have revisited my personal principles in January 2022.

Personal Infrastructure

...or, the building blocks for everything else.


This site is built using 11ty to generate the static site, using Binyamin's eleventy-garden theme as a base. Files are stored across devices and synced using syncthing. Editing is done via Apostrophe on Linux, and Markor on Android. Hosting is via Mythic Beasts.

Networks and collaboration

Reusable Resources

Home and Family

Work and Professional

I am currently finding a new direction (or new directions?) after stepping down as the Head of Technology at OCSI. I wrote more details here of what I got up to in the role, but largely I learned a lot about growing code and building a mostly-successful product over 10 years or so, and about how teams work to bring it all together. I was lucky enough to be able to delve into statistics and research, a large scale codebase through two-week sprints, product management, technical strategy development, social value metrics, senior management, company strategy, finances, and team leadership, management, and mentoring. Most of all, I was lucky to get to work with and be inspired bt some amazing people in the field.of technology and the public sector, and deliver real world stuff for people doing amazing jobs.

Fun and Learning

I have too many projects on the go :) I should move to 'standardising' focus, maybe using a PRFC.

My current list of things to learn is here.